To Turn You Into A Blues Bass Badass As Fast As Humanly Possible

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YES! I’m ready to take my Blues Bass Skills To the Next Level .

I understand the Blues Accelerator Challenge is a unique, focused, 90-Day “Blues Bass University” that gives me:

12 live “masterclass coaching calls” with professional bass players 

Step-by-step lesson plans (video & pdf with tabs) to learn 6 classic blues tracks 

A chance to record myself playing each song and get personal feedback so I make steady improvements 

Membership in the private Facebook community full of bass players all going through the same program

Custom practice tracks for each song

Motivation, support and encouragement from the coaches and community

A focused PLAN to get better

Lifetime access to all the materials so I can continue to improve even after the challenge is over

And much more.

What you get:

  • 90-day Blues curriculum that builds your knowledge, skill and musicianship one step at a time
  • Learn by playing 6 songs! (Get 6 classic blues tracks under your fingers. Each song is chosen to give you different Blues skills and techniques)
  • Fill your Blues “toolbox” with essential forms, turnarounds, fills, riffs, endings and more.
  • Move easily up and down the neck to support the song with energy and creativity
  • Distraction free learning (this is a focused learning experience to help you progress as quickly as possible)
  • Record your songs every 2 weeks and get personalized feedback on your playing and tips to improve
  • 12 live group coaching calls to get your questions answered
  • Private members Facebook group (filled with people like you passionate about bass and blues!)
  • Personalized feedback on your performance videos from eBass Guitar professional coaches
  • Practice tracker
  • Custom made Blues practice tracks
  • And Much more!

Because I’m passionate about being a better Blues bass player and there is nothing to lose - I’m ready to sign up and get started!