This is THE Guide That Will Get You Started On The Bass Guitar In Just Days…

… Without The Hassle And Expense Of Music Lessons!
There’s one proven way to develop the ability to play the bass guitar – and watching endless hours of YouTube videos isn’t it.

The Bass Guitar Foundations Guide is a proven road map designed to take you from an absolute beginner to a rock solid confident intermediate bass player.
Here’s what you get in The Bass Guitar Foundations Guide:
- 120 pages of step-by-step instructions with downloadable backing tracks and audio files. · 

- Everything you need to go from being an absolute beginner with the bass to an intermediate-level player, which means this book is ideal for:

Anyone who’s never picked up a bass guitar before

Bassists who want to return to playing after a long break

New players who’ve already started but want a proper reference guide to ensure they’re playing correctly

- My proven 6 Stage Bass Foundations System that will get you playing along with a backing track in the first chapter AND a world-class rock song from start to finish by the end of the book.· 

- Discover the Open String Groove Method to learn the plucking hand so you can play different rhythmic grooves and patterns

- See how to apply the fretting hand basics and use the Fingerboard Expansion System so you can learn the notes FAST

- Start riffing and begin moving riffs around the fretboard

- Understand groove and the role played by the whole drum kit

- How to play chord sequences from the major scale

- How to tune your bass guitar

- More than 100 downloads, including backing tracks and sound files

- eBook digital download | instant access

- 30-day student satisfaction guarantee

- And more
Get your copy of The Bass Guitar Foundations Guide today. If you aren’t able to play your first bass line to a backing track from the book’s suite of downloads – after applying the book’s step-by-step 6 Stage Bass Foundations System – simply let me know and I’ll buy the
book back from you!

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Master The Fretboard and Beat The Persistent Challenge That Plagues So Many Bass Players!

Special one-time offer of only $27 (it’s normally $67)
Module 2 of The Bass Guitar Foundations Guide is all about the fretboard. Add my Fretboard Fundamentals 101 video course and you’ll be moving around the fretboard faster with an even deeper knowledge of this essential part of bass playing. 

You’ll do it with greater ease, memorizing and naming every note as you go. And your playing will progress faster. It takes only 15 minutes a day.

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